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Appreciation and thanks

The Harrietville National Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Convention (HNBTCMC) was entirely produced and managed by dedicated volunteers of the registered not-for-profit group, The Harrietville Bluegrass and Traditional Country Music Convention Inc.


The HNBTCMC ran under a convention model. It was created and self-funded by musicians for musicians. It was run for the love of the music and to nurture a growing music community. And over the 24 years, everyone, including the organising committee, and other performers and volunteers did this without being paid for their input. Pretty inspiring, eh!


The convention model was continually developed over the 24 years, building a legacy of integrity, trust and inclusiveness and always focusing on the music.


The organising committee remains enormously grateful to those who offered their support and assistance in many ways. Some of this was more visible - performing and playing music on site at the Convention, MCing, conducting and helping with workshops and concerts, running jam sessions for beginners, providing and running sound systems, looking after the reception table and gate, and, importantly, actually attending the Convention. 


Some assistance was less visible but just as essential, such as helping to erect and mend breached fences, putting out and moving chairs and tables, emptying garbage cans, cleaning and re-stocking toilets, cleaning up the site afterwards, helping at the bar, looking after fires and unloading, moving, spreading and raking up the hay.


First and foremost, we sincerely thank the musicians and bands without whom this could not have been the unique event that it has!


Special thanks, appreciation and recognition to Ian Alexander for his assistance in funding and bringing the USA old-time musicians to the Convention!


Thank you to the talented graphic designers who donated their time to help with logos and artwork for flyers and programs, especially Philomena Hisco and Angela Whitehead.


Particular thanks to Roy & Sue Webb who superbly and cheerfully managed the CD tent over many years. 100% of CD sales went to the musicians who generously donated their time to the Convention.


Thank you to the Alpine Shire for yearly grants (of between $1,000-$1,500) for the past four years and for in-kind support, such as providing signs and assisting with printing and distribution of flyers for the local area. The grants were put towards our donation to the Able Management Group, whose volunteers managed the reception desk and gate with such humour, patience and skill.


Thank you to the Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Society of Australia for ongoing encouragement and support.


All the people who actively supported the Convention and invested their time and skills helped to create a unique and successful event that was self-sustaining for the all of its life and significantly contributed to the growing awareness, acceptance and enjoyment of the music in the general community.