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14 February 2013


After careful consideration, the volunteer committee responsible for organising the Harrietville National Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Convention has decided to ‘call it a day’. There will be no 2013 Harrietville National Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Convention and it will not be held again.


Of course, many people will be as disappointed and saddened by this as we are, but rest assured the decision was not taken lightly.


When the Convention started 24 years ago, our vision was to inspire people to play acoustic bluegrass, old-time and traditional country music. Last year’s Convention was outstanding in terms of the quality of the music. This included three superb USA guest acts and nearly forty outstanding local bands.


We feel justifiably proud of what we have achieved together with the bluegrass and old-time music community across Australia. It is good to finish on a high note!


Sincere thanks to all those who have supported this well-loved event over the years. We particularly acknowledge our overseas guests and the many musicians across Australia, who have all donated their time and musicianship to the convention program, providing inspiration to so many.


We look forward to a continuing relationship with the many friends made at the convention and remain actively involved within the bluegrass and old-time music community.


Our thoughts are with the Harrietville community as they continue to deal with events around the bushfire near their township.


Nick & Janet Dear

Rod & Judy Jones


The Harrietville Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Convention Inc.

If you would like a printed flyer or program from the final 2012 Harrietville National Convention.....

They are available for download here

From 2013, a new group formed to start a new bluegrass-focused event in Harrietville, which takes place in various locations around the township:


The members of the Harrietville Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Convention Inc. are not involved in organising the new festival.