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International Guest Artist History Roll

  • 1994 – Lynn Morris and Marshall Wilborn
  • 1995 – Barry and Holly Tashian, Ken Perlman
  • 1996 – West Virginia String Band (Joe Dobbs, Sallie Sublette, Rick McCracken, Greg Shupe), Frank Wakefield.
  • 1997 – Roland White, Diane Bouska, Tony and Bill Ellis.
  • 1998 – Jim Buchanan and Tom Saffell
  • 1999 – Reed Martin, Scott Ainslie and Terry Burtyk
  • 2000 – Balfa Toujours (Christine Balfa, Dirk Powell, Kevin Wimmer, Courtney Granger), Joe Newberry.
  • 2001 – Bob and Kristie Black, Brad Leftwich, John & Michele Law.
  • 2002 – Lonnie Hoppers and Bob Lovitt, David O’Dell.
  • 2003 – Wayne Lewis, Joe Isaacs and Kentucky, Aaron Till, Scott Shipley, Rafe Stefanini.
  • 2004 – The James King Band (Kevin Prater, Ben Green, Adam Hayes, Jerry McNeely), Tom Sauber.
  • 2005 – Lonnie Hoppers, Joe Isaacs, Stacy York, Dan Jones, Bobby Taylor, Andrew Dunlap
  • 2006 – Audie Blaylock and Redline (Daren Nicholson, Patrick McAvinue, Evan Ward, Barry Reed), Dave Bing, David O'Dell.
  • 2007 – Dan Paisley and Southern Grass, Tim Bing, Jim McCown.
  • 2008 – Patuxent Partners, RFD Boys, Charlie Walden, Mike and Tim Bing.
  • 2009 – Hungry Hill Bluegrass Band, West Virginia String Band, Pigeon Wing Strings, Ross Nickerson.
  • 2010 – Blue & Lonesome Bluegrass, Corndrinkers String Band.
  • 2011 - Bobby Taylor, Andrew Dunlap and John Preston, Joe Thrift and Tom Riccio, Ross Nickerson and X-Train.
  • 2012 - Audie Blaylock & Redline, Adam Hurt, Beth Hartness, Stephanie Coleman, Nadine Landry, Sammy Lind. 

Many thanks to John Boothroyd for his assistance in compiling this list.

We thank all of these international guests for donating their time and giving inspiration to so many.